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Zoom Torino - Entrance Ticket

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  • Visit Italy’s first-ever immersive bio park that promises an irresistible travel experience.
  • With 80 distinct species to keep you company, you’ll see 300 animals from around the globe up-close in their natural habitat.
  • Skip-the-line access into the Zoom Turin Biopark lets you avoid ticketing queues and head right into this booming attraction.
  • Upgrade your ticket to include admission to 2 swimming pools where you can swim next to the African penguins and hippos - separated only by protective glass! Relax at Bolder Beach and Malawi Beach.
  • Animal species from Asia to Africa to Antarctica call this bio park their home, giving you much to explore.
  • With no bars or cages separating you from the animals, take pictures of animals in their natural element.
  • Talks with biologists are available throughout the bio park, letting you in on lesser-known facts about the residents of this park.
  • Check out penguins, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, ostriches, underwater hippos, and more.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • Park Access Only
  • Park Access + Swimming Pools
  • These tickets can't be cancelled. However, you can use them any time until 10 November, 2024.
  • These tickets are valid until 10 November, 2024.
TurinTurin Zoo

Zoom Torino

Zoom Torino is a zoological park located in Cumiana, Turin. It opened in 2007 and covers a massive 180,000 square meters. Themed on the continents of Asia and Africa, the zoo features animals such as rhinos, hippos, giraffes, lemurs, and many more! Created by someone who spent a great deal of time in Africa, an immersive experience awaits guests, with animal environments that imitate their natural habitats. Spend a day exploring this fascinating zoo as you learn more about wildlife from around the world and get a chance to briefly inhabit the world they live in.

Habitats at Zoom Torino

Zoom Torino features nine different habitats which are home to a variety of animals and birds. 


Baobab Farm

 An African farm which is home to Somali donkeys, camels, Watusi ox, as well as the curious meerkats.  

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Petra Amphitheater

Home to over 30 species of birds, guests can learn about the 4000 year old art of falconry here.

zoom torino tickets hippos

Hippo Underwater

Recreating the ecosystem of Lake Malawi, this section is the first Italian habitat with hippos that can be seen underwater. This habitat also includes over 2000 tropical fish.

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Serengeti Savannah

This is the perfect habitat for an African safari. Discover giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinos, and gazelles, on foot!

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Tiger Temple

 This habitat recreates an ancient Indian temple, and is home to 3 tigers. It also features a large pool which makes it perfect for tigers, who are excellent swimmers. 

zoom torino tickets penguins

The Bay of Penguins

 A recreation of Cape Town beach, this habitat is home to a colony of African Penguins. Gusts can walk right next to these creatures as they are swimming. 

zoom torino tickets otters

Manakara’s Otters

Walk into a massive hollow tree trunk, and observe cute little otters through 3 large glass windows. 

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This area has two islands, in the middle of a lake, and is home to lemurs, pelicans, flamingos., and the amazing giant Seychelles tortoise. 

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Asian Jungle

Recreating the island of Sumatra, this 10,000 square meter area features a wooden walkway across a lake. Admire red pandas, porcupines, siamang gibbons, antelopes, cranes, and more!

Activities at Zoom Torino

Fun activities and attractions await you at Zoom Torino! From night safari's to flight demonstrations, prepare to be entertained and educated on a fun day out visiting Zoom Torino.

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Meetings with Biologists

Enjoy meeting with biologists to learn about the numerous animals that live in the zoo, and their habitats. Up to 20 of these meetings occur every day. You can witness the feeding of African penguins, see majestic rhinos in a safe area, and a chance to learn about the massive hippopotamus. 

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Flight Demonstration

Go to the Petra amphitheater and see birds such as blackbreasted eagles, steppe, eagles, vultures, owls, sacred hawk, marabu and many other nocturnal birds in their natural habitat. Enjoy watching them perform amazing vaults and their impressive wingspan as they take flight. You can see more than 30 different birds fly over your heads, swoop down at incredibly fast speeds and land precisely on the arms of the falconers. 

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Night Safari

Enjoy an exclusive night safari through the zoo, and experience nature at its best. The park is open until 11 PM, giving you a unique experience of how it feels like in an African forest at night!

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Savannah Terrace

Savannah Terrace is an all-new experience at the park that allows guests to enjoy an aperitif while gazing out at the Savannah habitat and its wildlife. Guests can also choose to enjoy a cocktail under the stars, with the experience being open until 9 PM every day.

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There are two restaurants present at the zoo. One is Ombiasy Restaurant, where guests can enjoy traditional and local cuisine, along with a range of international options. Please note that in order to sit inside, you must show a Green Pass as per the government regulations. You can also enjoy some fast food at Mr. Jiang restaurant, where you can feast on kebabs, hot dogs, and more!

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If you’re looking for a quiet and quiet vacation, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, to relax on the sandy white beach. Please note that guests cannot carry personal tables, tenants, deck chairs, or folding chairs to the beach by themselves. Choose between Boulder Beach, Malawi Beach, or the solarium of the swimming pools for your relaxed retreat!

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For the Little Ones

Zoom Torino has something for everyone, including the little ones! As a place of discovery and adventure, the park is fully equipped with play areas that your kids can enjoy safely. They can discover adventurous paths in the jungle, or even climb the elephant structure and slide down its trunk. Suspension bridges, swings, and slides are present as well, for the more adventurous little ones.

Beaches at Zoom Torino

There are two African style beaches at Zoom Torino - Malawi Beach and Bolder Beach. For guaranteed access it is recommended that you purchase entry in advance. 

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Malawi Beach

Get a chance to discover underwater hippos at this beach. You can also choose to rent umbrellas and sunbeds and relax on the white sandy beach.

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Bolder Beach

A swimming pool that is surrounded by African rocks and white sand, the beach is a limpid paradise unlike anything you've seen before. You can get a chance to swim alongside African penguins in the water.

Plan Your Visit

Getting There
Park Rules
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Friday to Monday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Night Safari is open until 11:00 PM.  

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Address: Str. Piscina, 36, 10040 Cumiana TO, Italy

Find it on the map.

By Car: Take the Torino-Pinerolo ring road, and take the Piscina exit. You can then follow the road signs to Cumiana. The distance from the ring road to Zoom Torino is about 4 kilometers. 

By Train: Take the sfm2 line from Porta Susa Station or Lingotto Station (in Turin) towards Pinerolo, and get off at Piscina di Pinerolo Station. The station is about 1.5 kilometers from the zoo. A free shuttle is available from the train station to the park. Please note that this service is only available on the weekends from 15 April, and everyday from 8 June to 8 September. 

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  • Parking is available at the zoo for a price of 3 Euros. Parking is free for motorhomes, motorcycles, and for the disabled.
  • The park is adapted for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • There are restaurants present inside the zoo.
  • Beach loungers and beach umbrellas can be rented.
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  • If necessary, you can leave the park and return at a later time. Remember to contact the ticketing staff to report the short exit.
  • Animals are not allowed into the park. Guide dogs are allowed into the park, except for the Petra Amphitheater and Madagascar areas.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, or roller skates are not allowed into the park. However, balance bikes and scooters for children under the age of 3 are allowed.
  • Balls and balloons are forbidden in the park. 
  • Guests cannot turn on barbecues or fires in the park. 
  • Glass objects cannot be brought into the park. 
  • Deckchairs, folding chairs, and loungers cannot be brought from outside. Guests can rent them at the park.
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Try out these fun activities near Zoom Torino!

Sky Dream Center: A skydiving center that is the perfect choice for adventure lovers.

Golf Pinerolo: For guests who enjoy golf, Golf Pinerolo is a great place to relax and have a fun game.

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Budget: Hotel Quo Vadis, Apparta Hotel, Hotel Barrage

Mid-Range: Tulip Inn Turin West Hotel, La Locanda della Maison Verte

Luxury: Hotel San Luigi, Le Soleil,

Visitor Tips

  • It is recommended you visit the park early in the morning to avoid crowds.
  • Plan to spend approximately 6 to 8 hours to explore the park.
  • Plan your visit around the demonstrations that are held every day.
  • Be sure to carry some hats or caps since it can get quite sunny during the day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, since you will be on your feet for several hours during the day.

All Your Questions About Zoom Torino Tickets Answered

Where can I buy Zoom Torino tickets?

The best place to purchase Zoom Torino tickets is online. Book your tickets here.

Where can I buy cheap Zoom Torino tickets?

You can buy Zoom Torino tickets at a discounted rate here.

Is Zoom Torino worth going?

Yes, Zoom Torino is a must-see for anyone visiting Turin and its surrounding towns. 

How long does it take to walk around Zoom Torino?

It takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to explore Zoom Torino.

What is Zoom Torino famous for?

Zoom Torino is famous for its diverse range of natural habitats that are home to animals such as giraffes, hippos, penguins, lemurs, otters, zebras, and more!

Can you take your own food to Zoom Torino?

Yes, food can be carried into Zoom Torino.

How long should you spend at Zoom Torino?

It is recommended you spend a full day (around 8 hours) at Zoom Torino.

Are there gorillas in Zoom Torino?

No, there are no gorillas in Zoom Torino.

Is Zoom Torino open?

Yes, Zoom Torino is currently open with numerous safety regulations in place.